Why you are wrong to dismiss short bursts of content?

6 second videos on Vine, 2 minute videos on You Tube or Vimeo, short e-learning courses. I love this short bursts of content that you can download on your mobile device, tablet, pc and just grab and go. You’d be wrong to dismiss them just because they are short and sweet. Some of the short videos that I’ve seen on YouTueb recently have been excellent. I’ve written in other blog posts about putting all of these content objects together and creating a pick and mix e-learning course.

Be Creative
I like the creativity that the short duration has brought – it is making developers and designers think. Some of the videos are rough and ready but they focus on the learning. Ignore the whistles and bells what points can you get across in a 6 second learning video – can you do a cooking receipe? Could you do a DIY tip on a YouTube video? I’ve seen some amazing bike maintenance videos all unders 2 minutes on YouTube that have been filmed in someone’s garage. There is no amazing production video you are focused on the learning point – great content, good delivery. Camera – point and go!

Get some kit and try
Digital equipment is cheap, you can try this and download your attempts with no problems – years ago it was a real chore with encoded video, big software waiting for video to process. You can do it on your mobile – if it works and its a success you can then look to improve your kit – maybe buy a better mic. If the content works and you get people looking at the content and getting good feedback you can upgrade your production quality. This is all about trying and buying!

You don’t need a studio
Just shoot and go – try and make the area clear of junk but this is shoot and go, just have a go, upload and see what people think. If you are in a corporate enviroment you might have some more guidelines that you need to think about but there are loads of examples of companies that have just taken the plunge and the employees have really like it! you might even use the videos with your customers!

Blenit in the USA used videos to show how their blenders would litlerally blend anything and the videos went viral – customers created their own videos and the company went USA wide.

Create a library
It is easy to create a library of quick content – user learner feedback to categorise content that has been useful – whether it is a course, video or podcast.

Be picky
You still need to have some editorial quality. It is ok to have some rough production values but you still need to ensure that the content it suitable and ok to be sent across the company. Everyone needs to be aware of that – also you need to be aware that it covers the right types of content. Give you editors some guidlelines before they start writing.

Agree who will won the content
If you are going to have people writing/filming content and uploading to the company systems you need to be clear about who own the content. This is an important point – get this in writing and make sure people know this. you don’t want to get into problems if you video goes viral and the company uses it an advert – or you are the company and you want to use a piece of content that an exmployee has created and you didn’t get the content owner cleared before you started.

It is simple to sort out – but do it before you start.

Keep it unique
You don’t want everyone creating the same content. You need to have people creating different content otherwise you are going to have a load fo content on the same content objects. give some ideas for people on what you are looking for this as this will give people some guidance on what you are looking for.

Also think about some ideas for titles as this will also help people. You will be amazed how much content you might get back.

Have a review process
Make sure that you decide what your review process is. Will you have a review process that decicded how content will be uploaded to the website or intranet? Will you allow people the chance to make changes to their content. It is important that you let people know what they need to do to their content for its uploaded.