Too much jargon in e-learning

Too much jargon

I’ve worked in e-learning and IT (Information Technology) since the mid-90′s. During that time I’ve come across a whole range of acronyms that I’ve had to learn and jargon that I’ve come across.

In the last few months I’ve come across Mooc and PLN.

Mooc – Massive open online course
PLN – Personal learning network

I had to Google both to find out what they meant.

With the increased use of Twitter (160 character maximum) and text messages I understand where the increased use of acronyms has come from but for people new to e-learning it is bewildering. I’ve also found that some writers forget to just explain what the acronym stands for, not everyone is an expert.

I came across a tweet with Mooc referenced 3 times and I had no idea what it meant. I had to google it, find out about it

Keep it simple, ditch the jargon and if you use an acronym just explain what it stands for. If you can provide a reference for people to go and find out more information.