The end of minimum elearning user licenses

Sorry – you can’t buy this for one user

I’ve been reviewing e-learning on behalf of clients for several years and the thing that still amazes me is the minimum number of users restriction. Having been caught out by this before it is of the first questions that I ask.

‘Do you have to buy a minimum number of user licenses’?

Normally the answer is ‘Yes’.

Answers have ranged from 10 to 50 – I’m always surprised by this and wonder how many clients have been lost by this approach. I’ve come across some vendors who only sell complete site licenses.

In the last few years with cloud, mobile and app computing the move has been to flexibility and we’ve also seen a reduction in software price and a change in price model.

Nicholas Lovell in his website has written some excellent articles about the business of games that can easily be applied to the e-learning industry.

Access to e-learning content is changing. Content is becoming more affordable and business and individuals want to have different types of content quickly, easily and from different sources. PDF, You Tube, Website, Google, an elearning course. Some of which they will be happy to pay for it and some it they will pay for.

We think it’s time to be flexible.