Project Management

You don’t need to be a project management to benefit from our project management series, with 3 courses in the set they can be used right across the business. The series includes:

  • Why projects fail
  • What is project management
  • Time management

Covering some of the basics of project management including why we have project management and why using is part of successful projects, what is project management is a great course for people who are new to project management or employees who are looking to become a project manager. The course is also an excellent resource to explain why project management is important and the role that it has when delivering business change.

Why project fail covers some of the main reasons why projects fail and how you can avoid some of the common reasons that causes projects to fail.

Time management provides some useful tips and advice for people about how they can use their time more effectively and why we need to plan our time and work to ensure projects are completed on time and budget.