Writing for the web

Course Description

Writing for the web

Are you involved in writing for the web? Do you write content for a website, blog, twitter or intranet site?

This course is designed to help you write effective and interesting content for the internet.

This course covers:

1. Who you are writing for?

2. Why are you writing?

3. What information do you need to include?

4. Writing structure and style

5. Legal issues

If you have employees who are writing content for the internet then this short course will be ideal. We cover some of the basics including audience why you are writing your article and what information you need to include.

We have a look at headlines and how a great headline will make a difference and attract people to your article and website!

Course objectives

  • Learn about writing for an audience
  • Learn how you consider why you are writing
  • Learn how to think about key information that you want to get across
  • Learn how to structure writing for the web
  • Learn how to avoid some of the legal pitfalls