Why projects fail

Course Description

Why Projects Fail

Some projects fail and this course takes a look at why projects fail and how you can make sure that your projects are a success.

This course looks at 5 key learning points:

1. What is a failure
2. Why do projects fail – internal failure
3. Why projects fail – external failure
4. Examining risk
5. Risk planning

Whether you are a project manager, project officer or are getting involved in projects for the first time this course will help you identify why projects fail. We will take a look at the Quality/Cost/Time triangle and also look at risk planning.

This online course can be used as a reference for the project manager, training and development team or the new starter who has just got involved in project management.


Course objectives

  • Identify the 3 criteria by which projects are said to fail – cost, time and quality
  • Identify 3 main internal areas for project failure
  • Identify 3 main areas for external project failure
  • Learn how project problems are actually all risks
  • Learn about a simple tool to help you plan your project risks