Time Management – Improve Your Time Management, Goal Setting and Prioritising

Time Management

Are you looking to improve your time management? Do you need to understand how scheduling, goal setting and prioritising can help in your work day and projects?

Have you noticed how some people seem to get more people completed than you?

Our time management elearning course covers 5 key learning points:

1. Goal setting – Why goals are important and how to set them

2. Prioritising – How to decide what you should be doing

3. Scheduling – How to make a plan to get things done and the tools you can use

4. Keep it tidy – How organising your desk and your files can save you lots of time

5. Attitude – What kind of mindset you need to making a start and stay focused

At the end of our time management course you will have learned about managing time including:

Planning your goals
Thinking about how to prioritise your tasks
What you need to use a schedule
How a tidy desk and postive mind can help you!

The course includes an end of course assessment and is SCORM compliant.

Course objectives

  • Goal setting
  • Prioritising
  • Scheduling
  • Organising – Keep it tidy
  • Maintaining a positive attitude