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Are you looking for an online course? Do you want a course that you can do at home or do you need courses for your business?

Real Learner has business courses that support businesses of all sizes covering subjects like Time Management, Leadership, What is Project Management and Dealing with Difficult People.

With each course taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, including an end of course assessment and covering 5 learning points the courses are ideal of busy employees and busy organisations.

Are you looking for a course to support your Learning and Development programme?

Do you need training material that employees can ‘drop’ into or use a reference tool?

Real Learner courses will be ideal for you. Illustrated by the Real Learner team we’ve created a series of business online courses that employees can completed at anytime. Each course covers 5 main learning points as well as other learning topics. Everything is web based and can be accessed via the web or downloaded for use on your own Learning Management System.

Our development team have been created online and elearning projects for over 10 years and have produced projects for clients across the world – we are part of the Real Projects team (you can check us out at Real Projects). Our custom development team are now involved in the development of the Real Learner range of elearning courses for you.

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