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Too much jargon in e-learning

Too much jargon I’ve worked in e-learning and IT (Information Technology) since the mid-90′s. During that time I’ve come across a whole range of acronyms that I’ve had to learn and jargon that I’ve come across. In the last few months I’ve come across Mooc and PLN. Mooc – Massive open online course PLN – […]

Getting ready for a networking event

Are you ready for your latest business networking event? Are you due to attend your first business event and are not sure what business networking is or what you do? There are some basic things that you can do that will help you enjoy your business event. Some events are specifically set up for networking, […]

5 top tips for e-learning project managers

1. Include learners into your projects Learners are the customers. Learner are the people that will be using the e-learning course, app, touchscreen, Learning Management System (LMS), website, intranet or the project that going to be delivering. It will help the success of your project if you can involve them soon as possible. Quite often […]